Poultry Academy for Southern Africa


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Welcome to the Poultry Academy for southern Africa

The Poultry Academy for Southern Africa (PASA) offers accredited Certificate and Diploma Qualifications, and skills courses, with innovative industry driven information to current and future Chicken farmers.



At PASA, our vision is to become the leading e-learning platform in poultry production, globally recognized for excellence in agricultural education. We aim to empower individuals around the world with the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably and ethically raise poultry, contributing to food security and economic prosperity in their communities.





We envision a future where every poultry farmer, regardless of their background or location, has access to world-class educational resources that enable them to optimize their operations, innovate, and thrive in a competitive market. By fostering a community of educated, environmentally conscious, and successful poultry producers, PASA seeks to advance the poultry industry and promote responsible farming practices across the globe. We want Promote and teach sustainable and ethical farming practices to minimize environmental impact and ensure the health and welfare of poultry worldwide.


At PASA, our objectives are clear and focused on delivering tangible benefits to our students and the broader poultry industry:

1.Educational Excellence: Provide top-tier, comprehensive e-learning courses in poultry production that encompass all aspects of the industry, from basic care and management to advanced breeding techniques and disease prevention.
2.Accessibility: Ensure that anyone, anywhere can access our educational resources, breaking down geographical and financial barriers to learning and enabling enthusiasts and professionals alike to excel in poultry farming.
3.Practical Skills Development: Equip students with hands-on, applicable skills that can be immediately implemented in their poultry operations, enhancing productivity and sustainability.
4.Innovation and Adaptation: Stay at the forefront of technological advancements and evolving industry practices to continually update our curriculum, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the future.
5.Community Building: Cultivate a supportive community of learners, educators, and industry professionals who can share knowledge, experience, and opportunities, fostering a network of collaboration and mutual growth.

Through these objectives, PASA aims to shape a new generation of poultry producers who are knowledgeable, efficient, and committed to advancing the standards of the poultry industry globally.


    At PASA, sustainability is at the core of our educational ethos. We are committed to teaching and promoting sustainable poultry production practices that not only enhance the efficiency and profitability of farms but also safeguard the environment and improve animal welfare.Through our dedicated focus on sustainability, PASA aims to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to build resilient, ethical, and environmentally responsible poultry operations. We are dedicated to creating a future where the poultry industry thrives on principles of sustainability and conscientious farming.